About Quality Division/Sector

There are Quality and Health Testing Laboratories in the Quality Sector
seeds and the Chemical Testing Laboratory. Since the establishment of PSS “Agricultural Stations”
Ltd., Novi Sad, laboratories performed quality and health testing seed conditions as well as soil testing. Much has been done in the last 30 years improving and innovating test methods as well as improving the expertise of staff who work in labs. The laboratories are accredited by the Accreditation Body of Serbia,
according to the standard SRPS ISO / IEC 17025 of 14.12.2007. years. Because of all this analysis is more precisely and more securely so that the volume of business increased year by year.

The entire staff of the Laboratory performs tasks objectively without any commercial,
financial and other pressures. The staff has the same attitude to all the test specimens not excluding or favoring any legal or natural person. All employees in the Laboratory are obliged to carry out all testing activities impartially and to keep safe trade secrets. All information and results The station cannot give to a third party without user consent. The test results obtained are the personal property of the service user and he is the owner of this information.
Employees are also bound by the Rulebook on DP Business Secrets to keep their business secrets
Agricultural Station Novi Sad from November 2006 and Article 53 of the Statute of the PSS
Agricultural Station Novi Sad since September 2013.