XII Agricultural Advisers Seminar advisory services

In light of the advances and technological innovations introduced in
agriculture, with a focus on the impact of climate change, is on Palic
the 12th Agricultural Advisory Service Advisory Seminar was held
Autonomous Provinces of Vojvodina. Opening this event, Milos Maric, MA,
director of Agricultural Station Novi Sad, emphasized the importance of the expert
a provincial-funded advisory service
secretariat, and always available to agricultural workers
manufacturers without any compensation. Provincial Secretary for
agriculture Dr. Vuk Radojevic announced more funds from the provincial
budget for Vojvodina agrarian, as well as stronger linking of agricultural
advisers and the plant protection forecasting and reporting service, for the purpose
timely information to the manufacturer, and for better quality
production. Alexander Bogicevic, Assistant Minister of Agriculture at
to the Rural Development sector, also announced higher allocations for better and
more efficient functioning of the treasury advisory services. Like
task for next year, announced milk sampling, which will services
work impartially and independently, and analyzes will be conducted nationally
the reference lab, with the goal of getting real information
milk quality in Serbia.

The aim of this seminar was to educate the advisors that must be
ready for new challenges, the speed of knowledge and information transfer, and no
not only do they have to be up to date, but well ahead of their time. Impact of climate
change in agriculture was presented in their lectures
professors from the Faculty of Agriculture and the Faculty of Science.

Professor Bozo Dalmatia spoke about water quality, Dr. Jasna
Mastilovic, from the Scientific Institute of Food Technology, was solving
the dilemma of whether Vojvodina will remain a granary in the light of climate change
Europe, while Professor Ivan Pihler pointed out the impact of climate change
change to bees. Tatjana Djuric, MSc from the Provincial Secretariat for
urban planning and environment presented IPA projects
cross – border cooperation with neighboring countries, and Vlade Djokovic from
Ministries of Agriculture, Water Management and Forestry has shown
legislation for the production of hemp in the Republic of Serbia. Journalist
Djordje Simovic explained the function of advisor as a journalist and held
lecture on agrarian content in the media. A blend of profession and practice
it was presented through an outline of good counseling practice and experience
manufacturers with the help of a professional service from Pancevo.


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